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Top 10 closeups of Gabbie Carter’s huge areolas

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Gabbie Carter lifts up her shirt and reveals a big tit with a large areola in a park

It’s no secret that Gabbie Carter, also known as “The Best Boobs in Porn,” has exceptional tits. Gabbie’s boobs are unique; they are large, natural, with oversized areolas that meet my stringent nipples-to-tits ratio. Photographer Zach Venice has photographed Gabbie Carter multiple times for Zishy over the years and has captured her beauty and playfulness in a few unforgettable sets. Here are some close-ups of her magnificent tits and pancake areolas from those sets!


Gabbie Carter lifts up her t-shirt by a lake

Gabbie Carter lifts up her shirt and reveals a big tit with a large areola in a park I love the shades of color and the small veins captured in this pic. And let's not forget the fact that Gabbie's areola is actually as wide as her hand. I absolutely love this pic!

Gabbie flashing on the Santa Monica Ferris wheel

Gabbie Carter flashes her big tits with saucer nipples in a yellow dress I have no idea why, but I came to love this cute yellow dress. I even looked into buying one similar for my girlfriend... yet another example of the power of Gabbie's best assets!

Gabbie's big, heavy tits at the ballpark

Closeup of Gabbie Carter's big heavy tits and pancake areolas in a ballpark Our busty queen Gabbie flashes her mesmerizing big natural tits at the ballpark on a hot day. I love how heavy her tits look in this pic.

Gabbie Carter flashing her massive boobs in a car

Closeup of Gabbie Carter's big boobs and huge areolas in a car Who has never dreamt about having Gabbie Carter in the backseat of their car?

Worms-eye view of Gabbie's big pendulous breasts

Gabbie Carter and her big pendulous breasts shot from below Gabbie Carter's beauty and playfulness captured in one shot. I love how her nipples seem to cover most of her tits in this pic.

Gabbie Carter licking her own tit

Upside down Gabbie Carter licking her own boob Gabbie doing what we all wish we could do...

Gabbie covering her nipple

Busty Gabbie Carter covering her nipple with 2 fingers Another great shot from the "Boats For Bullies" set from Zishy. You can play the "guess the size of her areolas" game with this pic. My guess is 4.5 inches... What do you think?

Big tits and tan lines on a carpet

Closeup of Gabbie Carter's big breast on a carpet Gabbie's tits look so heavy in this pic. Both defying gravity and submitting to it at the same time.

Big cleavage and nipple slips

Busty Gabbie nipples slipping out of her cleavage When you have areolas as big as Gabbie's, you are bound to experience nipple slips. It's funny how an embarrassing moment for girls can be such a turn on for guys.

Gabbie Carter's pokies and underboobs

Gabbie Carter's underboobs in a red t-shirt This pic of Gabbie Carter's underboobs in a tight red t-shirt acted as my wallpaper for a few months. It bears a special place in my heart (and pants).
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