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Top 10 vintage Met Art models with amazing puffy nipples

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Closeup of Koika's huge puffy nipples from Met Art

Puffy Nipples are often found on breasts that haven’t fully developed yet. They are therefore temporary and should be enjoyed and revered while they last. Don’t be too sad though, they usually turn into a) bigger tits once the rest of the breasts catches up to them or b) long, suckable nipples… It’s pretty much the perfect evolution if you ask me. Anyway, I had fun digging and finding the best puffy nipples Met Art had to offer in the early 2000s. I’d guess I’d call them “semi-vintage”. Hopefully you get to discover (or re-discover) some hidden gems. And if you prefer newer girls, you can check out my list of Top 20 Met Art models with huge puffy nipples. Enjoy puffy nipples lovers!

p.s. The girl is the background is Koika





Worms-eye view of Koika's big puffy nipples Koika was the undisputed queen of puffy nipples in the mid 2000s. Her flawless torpedo tits went straight into the fucking awesome out of 10 category. She is still a favorite of mine after all those years.


Busty blonde Narkiss shows off her puffy nipples Narkiss was a regular fixture (and legend) on Met Art in the 2000s. This gorgeous Russian blonde sports a rare breed of huge tits with puffy nipples.

Sabrina D

Blue-eyed blonde babe Sabrina D. shows off her big firm tits by a rock wall I'll start off by stating the obvious; Sabrina D is beautiful. Blonde hair, big blue eyes, great body and a pair of gravity-defying tits with nice saucers... What's not to like?

Sabina A

Worms-eye view of a brunette with huge puffy nipples in a field How can natural tits be this firm? I was fucking stunned when I saw Sabina A rock-hard tits and puffy nipples. Simply amazing.

Iveta C

Blonde girl Iveta C's firm tits and puffy nipples in a forest Blonde, firm tits, tan lines and big, pink puffy nipples. Iveta C has pretty much everything I like in one package.

Altea B

Tanned brunette Altea B. exposes her with small tits and puffy nipples I just love puffies on cute girls with small tits. Altea B is now retired as a model, but she has left behind over 70 photosets and videos at Met Art.

Freya A

Cute teen Freya A exposes her small breasts and puffy nipples Tiny firm tits with suckable puffy nipples is an amazing combo. Freya A is also insanely cute and seductive at the sane time...

Tamara C

Tanned brunette with big puffy nipples in the sun from Met Art Dark puffies are fantastic! I could probably cum just by starring at Tamara C's amazing tits, let alone touch and suck them...

Sandra A

Flat-chested blonde Sandra A posing nude Sandra A is pretty much all nipples, no tits and it looks pretty awesome. Flat-chested women can look very feminine with huge nipples like these.

Katya A

Freckled blonde Katya A posing nude by a window. I love freckles almost as much as I love puffy nipples. Katya A is therefore a double win for me. She also has that "come and fuck me" look on her face...
Top 20 Met Art models with huge puffy nipples


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