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Top 20 Met Art models with huge puffy nipples

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Closeup of Lukki Lima's huge puffy nipples

I burned up some calories coming up with my Top 10 vintage Met Art models with amazing puffy nipples list, which was fun. So I went ahead and repeated the experience, this time with recent models. Luckily, the rate at which Met Art adds content has picked up over the last 10 years (4 new sets/day) so I had quite a few girls to choose from. I even had to turn this thing into a Top 20. Enjoy my list of recent Met Art models with great puffy nipples!



Redhead teen with huge puffy nipples Sienna lets you choose between 2 sizes of puffy nipples. The right one being slightly bigger than the left. Pick your poison. I love how pink and delicious they look.


Freckled girl Dionisa shows off her firm tits and puffy nipples Her status as a freckled goddess isn't enough for Dionisa. She takes it a step further with insanely firm tits and great puffy nipples . Not to mention gorgeous puffy pussy to match it all.

Lukki Lima

Nude brunette with big puffy nipples Lukki Lima Lukki Lima's pink puffy nipples look like candy so I'll assume they taste like candies too. I just love how pointy and firm they are.

Purr Simona

Cute brunette teen Purr Simona reveals her small tits and puffy nipples Purr Simona's small tits are topped off by high-contrast nipples (my favorite) . She is the very definition of adorable. Who could resist that mischievous smile and cute dimples?


Selina shows off her huge saucer nipples and torpedo tits Selina has that amazing combo of torpedo tits with big puffy nipples. She started modeling for Met Art at the age of 20 and I can only imagine what her tits looked like when she was 18.

Keira Blue

Full nude of Keira Blue and her huge puffy nipples What an incredible areola to tits size ratio. Keira Blue's nipples have lost a bit of their puffiness over the years, but they are still pretty awesome. The fact that she covers them up to avoid sunburn makes them a bit odd and extra special.


Cute girl Dakota and her firm tits and puffy nipples Dakota is one of the few girls I had in mind when I created this list. And now I just want to explore those puffies with my tongue.


Flat-chested blonde Beghe stripping in a forest Beghe's nipples are beautiful and so is she. Great nipples are even better on a good looking girl.

Colleen A

Cute girl with puffy nipples Colleen A pulls down her sheer lingerie Colleen A is cute as a button and has suckable titties and puffy nipples to match. Her areola to tits size ratio is quite impressive too.

Candice Lauren

Candice Lauren's big firm tits and amazing puffy nipples I'm pretty sure none of you guys remember Candice Lauren. This busty blonde appeared in only 3 sets in 2017 then vanished. Leaving members begging for more of her astounding big tits with puffy nipples.

Alice Wood

Side view of Alice Wood and her big firm tits and puffy nipples Alice Wood is a fresh addition to Met Art, but she will hit the legendary status in no time. She has insanely firm big tits, pink puffy nipples and the most beautiful bald pussy I've ever seen.


Full nude of hairy blonde model Adagio and her pink puffy nipples I could never get tired of boobs like Adagio's. She has large areolas with gorgeous pink puffy nipples.

Candice B

Busty blonde with braids Candice B posing topless Weighing less than a 100 lbs, petite blonde bombshell Candice B packs a punch. This girl is amazing. She has been modeling for over 10 years now and still looks beautiful (and fit). I think she has found the fountain of youth. Not exactly a new girl on Met Art, but she is still active so she deserves a spot on this list.

Jeff Milton

Full nude of Jeff Milton and her firm tits and tan lines Yep, Jeff is a dude's name... I can assure you that Jeff Milton is all women though. This blonde girl is not only gorgeous, she also happens to have pink puffy nipples that I'd spend hours sucking...


Met Art model Hailey topless in a forest I love how Hailey's tan line highlight the color of puffy nipples. They are big (and so very pink) and I absolutely love them.

Ardelia A

Side view of gorgeous babe Ardelia A and her firm tits Astonishingly firm firm tits and pointy puffy nipples. I have to admit Ardelia A is pretty damn close to perfection. The world is unfair.


Cute brunette with puffy nipples Starlet nude by the fireplace I love puffy nipples that stick out and Starlet's fit the bill perfectly.

Kessie A

Blonde Met Art model Kessie A in a red thong I really love pointy tits and Kessie A's small boobs for the bill nicely. Her puffy nipples look absolutely delicious.


Smiling brunette Gracie shows off her cute puffy nipples Gracie's puffy nipples are a bit lopsided and oddly shaped and I love them for that very reason. Unique is good.

Nika N

Blonde with firm tits Nika N nude in her bedroom Another fine example of unique nipples. Nika N's early sets featured downward pointing puffies which ultimately turned into pencil eraser nipples. Not the newest girl on our list, but she was still active a few years ago.
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Top 10 vintage Met Art models with amazing puffy nipples


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